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It’s always a big reward for us when couples from another countries consider our part in their wedding day. We’d like to say huge THANK YOU to Alex and Robin for their trust, warm welcoming and wonderful time we spend together 🙂

We believe that good relationship between photographer and the couple is essential in wedding photography and thanks to the power of internet nowadays perfect match can be found despite the distance.
When we received and e-mail from Alex and Robin we knew from the beginning that we can’t miss their wedding. The  love for photography and traveling which we share helped us find common ground really fast and while we spend hours chatting together we noticed that we have much more in common...

Wedding in pandemic time

Preparing for destination wedding is always little more stressful, both for us and the couple especially in the pandemic time. This time the bride had a really hard job. She had to change a lot right before the wedding because of covid regulations. The flights for us and the guests were in danger till the last moment and as if it wasn’t enough she twisted her ankle very badly few days before the Big Day, so she had to walk with  crutches 🤯 It was a nightmare - she said while we finally met. All of us felt really relieved when we walked to their apartment and from that moment everything started to go smoothly.

Wedding in Bottrop - Overbeckshof 

It was the first we had a chance to photograph wedding in Germany so we were very excited and curious about that. Everything started as usual. We went to venue to see all the decorations prepared by Alex and her friends. It looked beautiful - classy with little boho accent 🥰 Later on we went to explore the surrounding area. Overbeckshof is located inside the lovely park. We truly enjoyed the time we spend there walking along the alleys and listening to leaves rustling in the wind. We came back to Alex and Robin pretty relaxed and it probably affected them a little bit as well. We had a great time together chatting and laughing while they were preparing themselves for the ceremony. The church was in walking distance so we had a lot of time before everything started. Alex proved to be a real fighter and she decided that despite the pain she won’t be using crutches during the most important day in her life.

The ceremony was beautiful. Even though we didn’t understand a single word we could feel that atmosphere was warm and more relaxed then in average polish church.

Rock wedding 

After the ceremony everyone went to the venue and the party started. From the beginning it looked similar to weddings which are taking place in Poland. Different menu, more speeches but except that quite alike. The party went on slowly but after the first dance ( chapeau bas for Alex and her ankle 👏🏻 ) DJ dropped the bit and the dance floor was on fire 🔥Soon we started to hear more and more rock songs and we knew that after our work is done we won’t resist to join the party. We listen to almost every kind of music as long as it’s good 🙂 but rock is something we were raised on. It was around midnight when we jumped on the dance floor and suddenly it was 4 am 😂 We lost our voices shouting with Slipknot and System of the down, but it was one of the craziest and greatest parties we’ve ever been. Big thanks to all of you guys and Keep Rockin ’🔥

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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